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Discover Experience offers the possibility to enjoy the famous night skies of Tenerife. The good atmospheric conditions of the Island make the astronomical observation an unforgettable experience.

We are specialists in astronomical tourism

We are a group of professionals who love astronomy with more than 20 years of experience in outreach.

Thanks to the Discover Experience project, it has allowed us to go one step further, offering unforgettable experiences to a local public and tourists from all over the world, who have come here interested in the wonderful conditions that the night sky of the Canary Islands provides.

Discover Experience is a registered trademark of Alpha Cygni Sociedad Limitada.

Alpha Cygni S.L. was born in 2003 to offer for the first time in Canary Islands a place where find astronomical material.
Nowadays it’s a important company in Spain for amateurs and professionals who look for astronomical material.

discover experience star estrellas tenerife observacion astronomica teide national park ver estrellas

You will be accompanied all the time by Starlight Guides, Official Tourist Guides and Interpreter Guides of the Teide National Park



The team of Discover Experience has astronomical guides. They are experts in the sky with naked eyes and with the telescopes. We work everyday to make our activities an unforgettable experience. The continuous formation and the official qualification guarantee that our activities are rigorous and amusing.



With StarLight guides, Discover Experience offers different observations for all the family, where watch the sky by naked eyes and through a modern telescope.

From Teide National Park, everyone can go deep into the Universe and see planets, constellations, know the most important stars and enjoy the Milky Way.

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